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Xtend Barre™

Xtend Barre balls

Xtend Barre™ is the premier ballet barre workout...Pilates and Dance Amplified.

By using a series of isometric exercies and orthopedic stretches, the Xtend system uses a ballet barre to sculpt the body proportionally so that all body parts are equally challenged. This intense 55 minutes helps build stronger abs and back muscles, improved endurance and energy, increased flexibility, greater body awareness and improved posture, toned arms, sculpted thighs and liffted derriere.

See you at the barre - better than 3 barre, this one is taught by a certified mat instructorWhat Does an Xtend Barre™ Class Consist of?

The Xtend Barre™ workout targets all the major muscle groups. Classes begin with an invigorating warm up which increases the heart rate and prepares students for the work ahead. Next, the upper body segment begins using light-weights to target the shoulders, biceps, triceps and upper back muscles. During the barre portion of class, students challenge their balance, coordination, strength and flexibility with intense seat and thigh work and cardio series. Xtend Barre™ then engages the core deeper with an intense abdominal series performed on the floor. A calming stretch relaxes the body and mind, concluding the Xtend Barre™ class.

How Does Xtend Barre™ Work?

xtend barre, 3 barre, barre workout, oklahoma cityBy mixing different muscle groups into every exercise, Xtend Barre™ strengthens the body proportionally to avoid overuse of a single muscle group. Unlike traditional weight lifting or even Pilates, Xtend Barre™ does not focus on isolating one muscle group at a time. The weight-bearing positions provide a total body workout without adding bulk.

What Physical Results Can Clients Expect from Xtend Barre™?

The results of Xtend Barre™ benefit the total body. Individuals sweat and burn calories, in addition to sculpting and toning their bodies. Clients rave about how long and lean they look (and feel). The results are real and usually fast, especially in combination with Pilates.

Xtend Barre